Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who could ask for anything more?

     This weeks' attending oncologist Dr. Martin, whom we met yesterday told us it is definitely only IGM Multiple Myeloma!  He told us in the 15 years he's been doing this Kevin is the only second case he's seen...  Dr. Martin just came in with the latest plan.  Yesterday was day 8 of the first round.  After Friday's day 11 he will be off days 12 - 28 and then start over again with day 1, 4, 8, and 11.  He may even be released to go home Saturday depending on how he handles Friday's chemo.  They were going to keep him until we got approved for Medi-Cal so the treatments would stay on schedule.  He will have at least 2 more rounds before they start the really heavy duty chemo.  Then they will to start him on a new much more aggressive chemo plan to attack the very aggressive cancer.  It's called PACE.  You can google it.  It's an inpatient treatment.  Four days IV then two to three weeks recovery in the hospital because he will be neutrapinic, meaning he will have no immune system and be at great risk for infection.  This will be in preparation for his stem cell transplant.  Then remission!
     Okay!  Now for the miracles!  Sunday evening after Hillary & I got back to our hotel we were told that because they were overbooked they couldn't extend our stay as we had requested a few days before.  We went to bed wondering what to do, but decided not to worry about it until morning.  At the front desk next in the AM they searched for a room for us at another Marriott.  They offered us a room at the Residence Inn near the SF airport for only $5 more that includes breakfast, a kitchen and sofa!  It's fabulous!  No bridge, easy drive.  Down side no Trader Joe next door.  Oh well we will deal with that!  Small miracle!
     Last evening I received a call from our fabulous attorney, Martha, informing us that not only were we going to qualify for Medi-Cal by the end of the month, but it would be retroactive back to the first of September!  That is huge!  Miracle of Miracles!  HUGE! We still have some work to do on our end but we are on it!
     We feel so blessed.  We are so blessed.  So many people have been helping to make everything happen.  We are so grateful.  Now we need you to pray some miracles for our friend Dennis Lozano, Kevin's room mate on his first stay at UCSF.  He is not doing well and going down hill.  If it is Heavenly Father's will Dennis beat this, now is the time for the needed miracle.  They don't know why he is getting worse and not better.  Please pray for his team of doctors.  Pray for Dennis that he will not give up and be accepting of God's will.  Pray for his beautiful wife Marie and their children and grandchildren that they may have the peace and comfort of the spirit.  Thank you all so much!  Love, Dale


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing all the miracles and love. Lots of continued prayers for your family and Dennis'.

  2. So glad to hear of some positive turns the last few days! You are all in our prayers continually. We'll remember your friend Dennis as well.

  3. thanks dale for the post. We,ve been hoping and praying for more good stuff to happen. You're in our prayers and will also remember Dennis and his family as well. KL