Monday, November 2, 2009

What can I say?

We may have to go back to UCSF soon. They are testing his IGM levels to see how high they are, which will help determine if UCSF will let us come back.  If this county had a plasmapheresis machine this wouldn't be necessary. If we had insurance we could get back to UCSF no problems. We would have been back after the last trip to Twin Cities ER but until Medical comes through this will be our main problem.. 
We are continuing to push with every means possible Medical but we all know how fast government works. His condition is poor today which leads us to believe that his IGM levels are high enough to make another "emergency" transfer to UCSF. We won't know for sure until tomorrow and then the transfer will take time if it even happens.
We are very frustrated with Twin Cities and would like to go back to UCSF. Kevin received Aredia in the ER again last night. You can only have it once a month and Twin Cities gave him Aredia 2 weeks ago. Can anyone say oops or maybe we should have read his file first? We are back to waiting and trying to stay on top of his doctors to make sure they are doing their jobs right. Tomorrow we should know more...hopefully.


  1. Good luck with the doctors. Can't live with them can't live without them. As always your family continues to be in our prayer.

  2. Crazy hospital. They should be ashamed. We will double our prayers (can we up it to constant prayer?). We saw the ambulance and fire engines go by on Sunday, and I thought about you guys and hoped they weren't heading to your house. Damn cancer. Can I write that if I don't actually say it? Probably not.
    Kathy Griffith