Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ohhhh Helloooo (Think Mrs. Doubtfire)

Kevin is waving Hello to you all! He has a lot of time of his hands to ponder and appreciate all the prayers offered on his behalf. The new chemo drug Cytoxan has made Kevin feel very sick and tired all the time which is taxing but the good news is that the preliminary reports show that it is working!!!

Tomorrow morning Kevin gets to go in for a little radiation therapy for the hot spot on his hip. He gets another dose of Velcade and Cytoxan on Friday and they are talking about sending him home early next week with plans to come back to Dr. Wolf's clinic here regularly. (We haven't talked to Dr. Wolf about this so I don't know how regularly, maybe twice a week.)

It's hard to tell in this picture but some of the streets here are SO steep! Dale & I (Hillary) walked up this one that is so steep here at the top the sidewalk turns into stairs.

It was worth the shin splitting walk to see the classic San Fransisco style homes along it.
(and YES it's 3 flights of stairs to their front door)


  1. THANK-YOU for the update! We have been waiting for it with baited breath! It is sooooooo GREAT to see KR smile!!!!! You all remain in our thoughts and prayers daily! Delighted you are enjoying SF - it is truly BEAUTIFUL and one of my favorite cities (beauty-wise - certainly not in politics!). We love you! Thanks, again, for the updates!!!!!

  2. Well finally! Great News! On a side note, my girls are always saying that they look like Larry with makeup. I have to say that now Kevin looks like Candice without makeup!
    Kathy Griffith

  3. Its so great news! So glad to see Kevin smile once again Thank you for letting us be a part of your family.You're in our prayers daily and our thoughts are always with you.
    Love ya
    Ken and Debbie

  4. Thank you for the picture. I'm also glad you two have been able to get around and explore the area. I'm glad for the positive note you were able to post. Love you guys.

    Kim, Nick, and girls