Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Progress Report

I've been waiting to update the blog until we talk to a doctor but we haven't seen the oncologist today.  Dr. Lowell Lo (yes you read that right Lowell Lo) who was one of Kevin's kidney doctors in our last visit was back today. Kidney's are doing well and for now he does not need any dialysis. Because of the trauma and time laps  he has permanently lost a little kidney function but all in all they are doing well.

Today Kevin had his last plasmapheresis treatment (for a while) and enjoyed a gelato with the process. Such service. We also ran into our old friend Dr. Burgess who Kevin had a nice visit with.

He's received more cryos and fresh frozen plasma so it's been a traumatic day for Kevin.  He's tired and has been nauseated most of the day.

Kevin's favorite hobbie these days is teasing the staff about their accents. He's had Svitlana from Uzbekistan, Nicole from Boston, JoAnn from Mississippi, Lawrence from the Philippines, Dr. Lo from Hong Kong. It keeps him busy!

On a lighter note: My mom and I (Hillary) have enjoyed taking walks and getting to know the area. We love looking at the different architecture of the old buildings and having little adventures.

The enclosed carousel in Golden Gate Park

It's a beautiful carousel!
Today we found a local beautification garden project that was adorable and charming to stroll through.
We have also been exploring the town of Emeryville, (where we are staying) the birthplace of Pixar

Kevin enjoying Monday night football, some things never change!


  1. With you every single day!!! Love you guys, Norma

  2. Thinking of you guys! That was real nice surprise for us all Kevin. It made the kids day, and ours, too!

    Stay strong!

  3. Glad you are getting to see a bit of the city!! It's so beautiful...it makes me wish I was over hanging out with you instead of at school! kevin looks so skinny in that last pic. I love you guys and am so happy Kevin is getting treatment. I'll keep praying!

  4. Missing you all! Our prayers are with you.