Friday, November 13, 2009


   I understand that this ordeal is an opportunity for growth and learning.  From the beginning I've known I would grow in faith and hope and patience.  The first two are easy the last, not so much.  I'm learning how to accept service and generosity from others.  What I didn't expect is that I'm being taught how to give and serve by you!
     Last night in the beautiful blessing that Ben gave to Kevin, one of the things he told him was that angels were all around us.  Angels here on earth and angels from heaven.  The angels here on earth are all of you!  You, our friends, family and even strangers who have heard story and come to our aid are those angels.  Our own earthly guardian angels!  Every prayer you offer is heard and answered and brings us daily blessings. People ask us how we can be so strong and upbeat most of the time.  It's not us, it's you and your prayers and service and help.  Those prayers sustain and strengthen us.
     As I've been thinking and pondering I've looked back and remembered when I had the opportunity to pray for and serve some of you.  I've wondered, did I pray enough, did I do enough?  Probably not.  Many times when learning of someone's trials I've spent more time thinking about what to do than doing anything.  Sometimes I've wanted to do something and fear of saying or doing the wrong thing has kept me from doing anything at all.
     As I have received continual prayers and service from you, you are teaching me how to serve.  Everything you do for us is huge to us.  Every prayer is powerful and meaningful.  Every card so thoughtful.  Every e-mail, every act of service and so many offers to do anything!.  It's all so meaningful.  I am learning how to be a better servant of the Lord through all of you.  Even in the act of receiving so much I am being taught in a very personal way what the pure love of Christ really is.  You didn't know you were teaching me as you were giving to me.  You all have been such good examples to me. 
     I know as you continue to pray for and serve us your love for us increases, just as our love for you deepens as we receive that service.  We feel a strong bond with all of you.  We are not alone.  We are in this together.  We will all learn and grow from this.  I feel and hope that this bond between us eternal.  Why shouldn't it be? It has to be!
     Even with eternity I could never really thank all of you enough.  But I must keep trying!  We love you and we pray for you each and every day as well.  Dale


  1. Thank you for sharing! We all go through different trials, at different times in our lives we need these angels here on earth to help us get through them. I think that as we serve eachother as these "angels" we become more Christlike. It's a learning process, it's a blessing to give and receive service. You will meet so many angels through this time in your life...just remember that you are blessing them too as you accept their love and service. :)

  2. So beautiful. I was just thinking the other day that the trial you are going thru is also our trial, a trial of our faith as a ward to come together and send enough prayers for a miracle to happen. We are growing stronger as a ward family, and our faith is growing as we see the miracles happen. We are your family and we love you!
    Kathy Griffith

  3. Your comments brought tears to our eyes. We love you all and remember you in our prayers daily -- but then, you knew that. We are all so richly blessed because of the atonement of our beloved Savior, Jesus Christ, and the blessings that come with knowing that we are really one eternal family, sent to earth to learn and grow together. Thank-you for leading the way as we travel together over this unexpected bump along our mortal journeys and for allowing us to travel with you. Much love, Greg & TL :-)

  4. Ron and I follow your daily postings and feel truly blessed and involved in your journey as you relate the day to day "happenings" with Kevin and the family....our family, too! Yes, Kathy said it very well in her posting, our ward family is strengthening with this and learning how to expand our prayers and "zero in" on specific prayers that are needed for Kevin. It is wonderful to see everyone involved on Kevin and the family's behalf. You are truly LOVED, but then I do think you knew that. We are all still here if needed and ready and willing. Love to each one of you and bless you all for keeping us so updated. It is so appreciated on this end and we feel your frustrations and joy right along with can't see us "jumping up and down" on this end, but we are happy with the progress!!
    We love you all...please hug Kevin for us...
    Ron/Mary Hysell