Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Latest and The Lost Blog Post

Kevin was thrilled that today was his last day of radiation. It has made him sore and stiff but in the long run should help the hip pain a lot. He is scheduled to receive his last chemo treatment in this round today. If all goes well he is hoping to go home (with Dale & Hillary) Saturday. Dale & Hillary have there reservations and are turning that, like everything else, over to the Lord.

Right now Kevin is having a minor surgery to put a "port" into his chest. They want to take out his PICC line and replace it with a port. The port will be used to draw blood, receive chemo and get IV fluids through. This should be more comfortable for Kevin and sounds like it will be easier for his treatments in the long run.

Kevin had a nice visit with Dan & Joan Murphy today. They are Dennis Lozano's brother and sister in-law's and part of our new extended family, just like Dennis and Marie! We are so thankful for the Lozano's in our life and grateful that they are well taken care of by the Murphy's. Update on Dennis: I talked to Marie this afternoon and things are beginning to look up, finally. He is regaining his mental cognition but his numbers have not improved. Thank you for all the extra prayers that are being sent their way. Kevin is so grateful and constantly worried about his good friend Dennis. He is hoping to be allowed to visit before we leave.

We are not sure if we ever blogged about the Paso Robles First Ward Primary Program. Shame on us! For the children...
When Kevin first learned that he had cancer he was extremely concerned that he might miss the primary program. He loves the children so much. His favorite part of Sundays was when he could sneak into primary or the nursery and see the kids.  The possibility of missing the program weighed heavy on his mind for many weeks. He continued to decline so rapidly that he asked the Stake Presidency for a priesthood blessing to specifically bless him to be able to attend.

When I (Hillary) left for church at 8:25am (church starts at 9am) Kevin had just woke up. He wanted breakfast and then to get ready but this takes a lot longer than it used to these days. I was doubtful that he'd make it under such a time crunch but were there's a will there's a way. As the opening song was being sung by the congregation they arrived. He was set up in the 3rd overflow section, way in the back, to stay as far away from germs as possible. From the stand I (and the children) could see he was their!
FOR THE CHILDREN: He wants you to know how proud he is of all of you! "Your talks were wonderful, and you sounded likes angels when you sang. I love you all so much and miss you everyday. Thank you for your cards and pictures they always lift my spirits!" (Bishop Richards) My mom later told me he was so glad to be there he started crying in the parking lot and didn't stop till they got home. It meant so much for him to be there in your presence and feel of your tender, sweet and strong spirits. He will never forget this primary program EVER! 


  1. That was below the belt Hillary! I've been so good for so long, I haven't cried once...but that did it. I'm not talking about your dad, silly. I'm talking about how much I miss Primary! I feel sorry for myself! I let myself have a good cry. I hope you're happy now, young lady! hugs and kisses to the mom and dad p.s. I have to admit, I cried for your dad missing Primary too. What?! I did! Robin

  2. Hang in there, KR! We love you and will be praying for a successful surgery today! THANK-YOU, Hillary and family, for the WONDERFUL blog and keeping us up-to-date, despite the miles. We really APPRECIATE it! We are sending love and hugs to you all. You remain in our thoughts and prayers daily - and those of our friends who are praying for you as well! Good Luck with the surgery! We pray that you will be pain-free! Much love, Greg, TL, LB & fam :-)