Monday, November 23, 2009

Good to be home

It was so hard to leave Kevin in San Fransisco but we are really glad to be home. Lots to do!

It was wonderful to see everyone at church yesterday. We spoke with Kevin after church to pass on all of the love and well wishes. Elder John Dalton of the Seventy visited our ward yesterday and we were invited to meet with him before church. We had a wonderful, uplifting visit and were able to share so many of our blessings and miracles with him. He was also able to call and speak with Kevin as well. As it turns out they are kindred spirits. They grew up in the same area (Orange County), Elder Dalton knew Kevin's father Lynn Richards, they both served missions in Germany and more specifically Bavaria. It was a truly inspired visit and completely made our day.

Kevin was able to get up and walk almost to the door of his room yesterday before he started having back spasms. His recovery from the kyphplasty will take a little longer than normal because of all Kevin's pre-existing problems but will end up being a wonderful thing.  Today Kevin was taken for yet another CAT scan (you'd think they'd have enough scans by now) to look at his lungs.  He had a fever the other day and with cancer patience a CAT scan is mandatory procedure.  He was not to happy about it and was in pain afterwords.

Kevin misses everyone SO much and is looking forward to coming home, whenever that may be, but until then knows he is in the right place at the right time and receiving excellent care.

Thank you for all your continued prayers and help in so many other ways.  Dennis had his liver biopsy today and they are hoping to have the results tomorrow.  I will let you know as soon as I hear anything.

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