Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kevin gets Tattoos

This morning at 8:30am Kevin was taken down to radiology to fill out paperwork and answer questions. There was a discrepancy with what Kevin thought the plan was and what they said so they contacted the Doc and sent him back to his room.

Around 2pm they had everything sorted out and came to take him back. They put him into a CT machine to pin point the spot the radiation is needed. It's a long, grueling process. Then they gave him 4 small dot tattoos in the exact locations for the radiation. (He has not yet received radiation.) Tomorrow should be his first day and the duration is unknown at this time.

While he was getting tatted up Dale and Hillary visited the Oakland Temple. As you can see it was a sunny gorgeous day here.
It's been a while and with the new side effect of the chemo it was time for another priesthood blessing. #10 since this all started and what a beautiful blessing it was. Reminding us of the Saviors love and the healing power of the Atonement. Reassuring all of us that Kevin will be made whole and that his body will be able to sustain the many drugs he is receiving.

Long time Family Camp friend Ben (in the back) and Steve made a special late night trip to the city for Kevin.

I caught Ben & Kevin in a tender moment

Dale & Hillary were able to visit Kevin's old roommate and pal Dennis down on the 11th floor.  Dennis has taken up residence in the hospital.  He has been there for around 61 days with little sign of going home. He has a different but very rare cancer & is currently without an immune system. I know we have asked for so many specific prayers from you and each time you have come through for us but Kevin would really consider it a personal favor if you would say a little prayer that Dennis Lazano's blood counts will come up. We love him and his family so much, thank you.

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  1. I know that it meant a lot to Ben to be there for Kevin. You know you can call us anytime! He said that he truly felt the spirit so strong and that Kevin is his brother. There are angels there attending you and your family. We love you!