Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's been to long, lots to catch up on picture wise

The large cream building in the back is the hospital and the black glass building in front is where Dr. Wolf & Dr. Martin's Cancer Clinic is.
We have been blessed with the worlds best nurses!

The other day Svitlana stopped by and we had a nice visit.

Then JoAnn surprised us with a visit too :)

We were happy to see the familiar faces of Alyson who is a sweetheart and laughs easily, which is like candy to a baby for Kevin

and Lindsey who was apart of the Dennis and Kevin fast friendship. Lindsey loves to tease Kevin and always brightens up our day!
They take such excellent care of Kevin and we are so grateful for all they do for us. They are on the front lines of health care and know how to get things done.

Kevin wants to be cool like Colby so he's growing out his hair 
(while he still has some)
Who's really in-charge?
(Dr. Martin & Dr. Blakely)

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  1. Kevin, I think you are pulling our leg- you look great!! Your are all constantly on our minds and in our prayers. We love you.
    Cari Ham