Friday, November 6, 2009

Settling in

Kevin arrived to UCSF Medical Center in San Fransisco late last night via ambulance and has been poked and prodded ever since. He has spent almost all of today back down in 11 Long where the plasmapheresis and dialysis machines are. Dale & Hillary arrived just after 5pm and met him on the 11th floor.

While Kevin was finishing his pheresis, Dale and Hillary were able to stop in and see our old friend Dennis and finally meet his sweet wife Marie.

 Dennis putting on a brave face to take a picture for Kevin. Dennis' skinnier and has less hair since the last time he was on the blog but is trying to stay positive through his own hard trials. We also ran into an old nurse of Kevin & Dennis' who remembered how much fun these 2 guys had together.
We feel really good that Kevin is back in San Fran were the many "big wig" docs can put there heads together and come up with a treatment plan that Kevin can stick too.

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  1. Yes! Those doctors up there will get something going! We'll keep our prayers towards the MediCal coming thru as well as the correct treatment to happen immediately. Love you guys!
    Kathy Griffith