Thursday, November 19, 2009


Kevin will NOT be coming home Saturday.  

Because his fractured vertebra cause him so much pain Dr. Martin does not feel comfortable releasing him to go home. (Dale & Hillary love Dr. Martin) He recommended that Kevin see an Orthopedic surgeon to see if surgery would relieve some of his pain. The surgery is kyphoplasty and they are hoping to do it tomorrow. He will receive anesthesia then they inflate a little balloon to put his vertebra back where it is supposed to be then they fill it with a cement like substance. This should relieve a LOT of pressure and is a minor surgery. The surgeons who will do the procedure are shocked at how much pain Kevin has been living with. (He isn't a complainer and has a high threshold for pain so this should have been done sooner but luckily it will happen before he gets released) Kevin is on the O.R. emergency list for surgery tomorrow but there is a chance it wont happen until Monday. If he has surgery tomorrow he will not have chemo. If he doesn't have surgery he will receive his chemo as scheduled. Dr. Martin thinks it's more important that he gets the surgery first and delay the chemo a day if necessary.

Dale & Hillary will be going home Saturday to take care of a few things and are looking forward to church on Sunday. We miss everyone!

After returning from getting a port put into Kevin's chest he was to wiped out to get off the gurney and into bed. He needed a little help from the blue slider...
and Lindsey, Gabriel, and even Dr. Martin stepped in to help. Such service!

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  1. To all of you: We feel so helpless being so far away but want you to know how much we love your family and how all of you & Dennis are in our prayers.

    You are all such an inspiration to us with such a positive attitude in such a difficult circumstance. We as a Family want you to know we are THANKFUL for you in our lives. God Be with you til we meet again!

    Doug, Karen, Ryan, Kelsey and Jenna Rule