Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We need another miracle

  Still waiting for the IGM results and a visit from Dr. Bonis.   I believe Kevin needs to be transferred to UCSF and that if we had insurance we'd already be there.  If the IGM results are bad enough then it might merit the trip.  Dr. Bonis is the one who will have to beg and plead with UCSF to take him. He will get the help of a case manager here to secure a place for Kevin.  Please pray mightily for Dr. Bonis to be able to make this next miracle happen.  Kevin's sodium levels are still too low so he's off IV fluids and limited to a few ounces to drink every hour.  The kidney doctor says dialysis now without the plasma exchange could open a whole new can of worms, so he's holding off on that.  We don't need anymore worms!   We've experienced too many miracles and promises through blessings to lose him now.  I believe the next miracle is on the horizon.  Your prayers make them happen.  We can't express enough how powerful your prayers have been in our daily lives.  Thank you so much.  Your prayers have given us the strength and faith to look forward to the future and make it through the day.  I also now have an attorney working to help us get approved for Medi-Cal, so say a prayer for her as well.  She happens to be the sister of a very close friend, who happened to be referred to us through two other attorneys.  Things always fit right into place just when we need it most!  I love you all,  Dale


  1. Keeping you all in my constant prayers. Wish I could do more, but I'm relying on the One True Source of all blessings to fill your lives with abundance and your hearts with peace. Seriously, though. My prayers will be 'lazer intensive' in the next few hours to get things going in the right direction. ~Nori

  2. Dale, We so appreciate all of you taking the time to post here so we know what is happening. Please now that your request will be immediately honored. I do hope you are taking time to rest too. I know this can be extremely taxing, to say the least. we are with you.

  3. Dear Dale, I so hope that the Richards family are receiving as much hope and faith as the Blog provides the rest of us. And yes, you guys are always in our prayers. I'm listening to a beautiful piano collection of favorite hymns given to me that between my reading of your Blog and this music, I'm in a puddle of tears. Tears of concern for Kevin and all of you but more tears of good things to come.

    It is impossible for me to believe that all of this is is for nothing. We will continue to see and live these miracles thru you as this continues to a great and glorious ending. Not an ENDING but better put, a CONTINUATION of Kevin's journey in this mortality. Thanks to Kevin's talk to the students at the Institute of Religion in SLO. The date was January 5th 2006 at a Student Friday Forum - 46 months ago today. That night Mike and I went out to dinner and I shared Kevin's talk and handout. After that we both agreed that we were afraid that maybe God was not aware of us because we had NO ADVERSITIES of late and it seemed like for many years. Believing that trials would come and we could only hope we could endure them well. No, not only endure them, but learn from them.

    At 2 AM the next morning I had Mike admitted thru the ER for a GI Bleed. That was followed by great friends, prayers and family supporting us, 3 months of a coma, 7 surgeries and 5 months if hospitalization ending up in fabulous UCSF.

    Kevin, your calender sounds full upon recovery, but we want to celebrate with you also. You name the place and/or event and we will be there with "bells on"! I read the offer of a trip to Disneyland. We won't be outdone. We'll sell our house and take the 4 of us on a cruise before we serve a mission. You'll probably be dinned and partied OUT by the time all who love you are done! Love, Jill