Saturday, November 7, 2009

Change in Diagnosis

Interestingly enough Dr. Wolf has decided that Kevin doesn't have Multiple Myeloma but a similar cancer with overlapping symptoms called Waldenström Macroglobulinemia. Both having to do with the overproduction of the IgM protein. He is going to start him on treatments of Velcade and Cytoxan.

Kevin's nephrologist  (kidney doc) didn't think he needed dialysis today but is going to keep an eye on things in case it is necessary come Monday. However he did have a second session with the plasmapheresis machine today. He is transported down to the 11th floor (from the 14th) to the pheresis/dialysis room is, which looks like this.

Because of the limited space we are only allowed in 1 at a time for 2 minutes every hour! Today Kevin lucked out and got the slightly bigger single room.

All finished and ready to head back up to his room. (Notice the large bad filled with yellowish fluid at the back of the machine, that is Kevin's bad plasma)


  1. Now if you can just keep him up there long enough to get the correct treatment. Sounds like you are headed in a better direction. We are keeping the prayers specific and love the updates.
    Kathy Griffith

  2. "All new explorers must first answer a science question. In what sea plant do you live?"

    "In a globulinemium... globulimenia...globuli..."

    "Alright, close enough kid. Don't hurt yourself."

  3. Since you have such limited time with visitors would you rather Pat and Ren didn't try to see you? Would hate to crowd in maybe they can visit with Dale and hilary. WE love and think of you daily!