Friday, November 20, 2009

Kyphoplasty was a success!

Got a call this morning at 7:30am that Kevin was 1st on the O.R.'s list for surgery's. WHAT? Last night it was we are hoping to squeeze him in but it might not happen tomorrow and this morning he's 1st on the list. How amazing, wonders never cease!

The kyphplasty procedure went great but the recovery was longer than expected. He got back to his room around 2pm and spent the rest of the day resting and watching old episodes of Psych.

and giving Yvonne (from Ireland) a hard time!
We will see if he is feeling up to getting out of bed tomorrow.

I was able to get down to visit Dennis & Marie today. Dennis is doing better but still needs lots of prayers. Monday he is having a liver biopsy to determine if a transplant is still a possibility. We need him to be healthy enough for the transplant, it could significantly lengthen his life just like Kevin's would do for him.


  1. WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!! We were dying to know whether he had surgery and, if so, how it went but we did not want to bother you with telephone calls. THANK-YOU for the GREAT NEWS update! Hope he is feeling much, much better today! You all remain in our thoughts and prayers daily (actually, multiple times each day!). We love you! Hang in there, y'all! Much love, Greg, TL, LB & fam :-)

  2. I knew when I was praying last night that a miracle would happen today (and I hadn't even read the blog yet)! YEAH! And our prayers are still going strong for Dennis. Bless you all!
    ~Nori (and Bruce)

  3. This is Angela (Lozano) Lawson from Alaska! My mom sent me your site, and it is so nice to look at all your pictures, it has given me a glance at what life is like there. Seeing the nurses, Dr. Martin and even a picture or 2 of my parents. :) I just wanted to thank you for being so kind and for being a big support to my parents Dennis and Marie. This is a hard journey with them in San Fran and us here in AK. I am thankful that they met people like you.

  4. Joan and I (Dennis' sister-in-law and brother-in-law) visited Kevin this afternoon. I was amazed at how positive he is. He smiled when talking about pain. Incredible. Well, the procedure on Friday may have gone well, but Kevin remains in quite a bit of pain. With the assistance of a physical therapist he tried taking a few steps, but the pain in his back was significant and he had to return to bed. Although he seems to have relief from the pain while he's in bed, it's still pretty bad when he walks. It was bad enough that he continued to have spasms while we were there. One doctor came in and told him she wanted him to have another CAT Scan later today. He explained his pain situation to her and told her he would have to be moved in his bed and not a gurney. That tells you how bad the pain is. The scan is because they detected something in his lungs and they want to see if it's a fungal infection, a bacterial infection or something else. Let's pray for nothing at all. She left and we continued talking about our respective families, San Francisco and stuff in general. Dr. Martin peeked in, so Joan and I left. We assumed he would come in since he was talking to someone a couple of doors down the hall.

    Since everyone knows about Dennis, he was pretty worn out today. He had visitors when we got there before seeing Kevin. He went to sleep just after we returned. He's pretty frustrated.

    Keep praying for Kevin and Dennis. Both are having a tough time right now and need all the strength and grace they can get to make it through this.