Monday, November 9, 2009

MRI Pains

Yesterday was supposed to be a quiet day but they decided to send Kevin for another MRI to check the mass on his ribs and what fractures he has sustained. The MRI table is flat which is extremely frustrating  and painful when you have fractured vertebra. No pheresis yesterday so that was a little break.

Dale and I (Hillary) left the hospital earlier than normal last night to have a homemade meal and fun night of talking, something we are all very good at. Then all the really fun began. They decided to give Kevin a transfusion of blood just before midnight. Then another transfusion, 1 bag, of "fresh frozen plasma" before 1am.  Then another transfusion of cryo-participate before 2am. Talk about fun! Apparently a lot of other things happened too but Kevin can't remember it all. Needless to say he's a little tired but still found the strength to give himself a manicure because feeling pretty helps!

Today the MRI results showed multiple compression fractures in his vertebra and lesions on the bones, ouchy. This has Dr. Wolf rethinking this whole case. We all know Kevin's a one of a kind guy so of course his cancer would be as well. Tomorrow we should have a good visit with the Doc and see what he's come up with.

Today we are praying that Doctor Wolf will be able to figure out the best diagnosis/treatment plan for Kevin, that the drugs will work quickly, and that we will get everything done in order to qualify for Medi-Cal  this month.


  1. We keep you in our daily prayers that your miracle may happen for Kevin. Give him our love - Butch and Chelli Pogue

  2. Still in our prayers. Wow...can't believe this is all happening. Love you. Sorry!