Monday, November 16, 2009

Catching up with Dr. Wolf

Yesterday Dr. Wolf surprised us with a short visit. We were so glad because it had been a week since Dale & Hillary had an opportunity to speak directly to a doctor.

Dr. Wolf's change in diagnosis was right and wrong. Kevin apparently has Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia AND Multiple Myeloma! Our special boy. The symptoms and treatments are similar which is why is it hard to diagnose. Waldenstrom's is more about the cancer in the blood and the Myeloma part is the tumors, fractures, and lesions.   

Good News: The chemo drugs are still working! His numbers are not coming back up which is a good sign and something that they are continually watching. He will get the chemo drug Velcade Monday and the Cytoxan and Velcade Friday. The Doc doesn't want to send us home until he knows we will get continuous treatment because of the aggressive nature of Kevin's cancer. Which means until we get approved for Medi-Cal but we are looking at another week for sure. We are so close but there are a few legal things that are being worked out.  Our Attorney has been hard at work getting answers to the questions no one from social services has been able to answer for us. She has been taking care of business and really helping to push things forward.

The plan: Is still to get Kevin healthy enough to have a transplant of his own stem cells down the road. It sounded like if all things go well somewhere around 6 months out. Of course, considering the last 2 months we know better than to plan on best case scenario but for a positive ending whenever it may come.

Today's nurses accents consist of North Carolina, Ireland and exotic San Diego :-D

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  1. Newly minted xoxo's from us. Thinking of you every day. Heard Kevin's legs rival Kirk's. You wish! I'd like to see that...never mind, no I don't. Oakland Temple was where I received my endowment, by the way. Thank goodness for the temple, huh. May you continue to feel the power of the love and prayers of many who love you. May you continue to feel the closeness of Heaven. Looking forward to friendships that never end and bodies that don't disappoint! haha love love love, Robin xoxo