Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We have the greatest friends!

Even though we are keeping ourselves VERY busy while back at home it is extremely hard to be so far away from Kevin for such a long time. Kevin now has pneumonia which is coming when you are in the hospital a long time and your have a low immune system. He feels OK but it's in his lungs. so they are taking every precaution. Because of this new development he had to go for more X-Rays today, oh goody his favorite thing. Yesterday our good friends, the Ashby's, from Family Camp  went to visit Kevin and this is what she said about it...

It was great to be able to spend some time with your Dad yesterday.  He enjoyed some real food for the first time in who knows how long!  I brought him a Ciabatta Sandwich, Salad, Chocolate Chip Cookie and Smoothie from Bellini's and he happy exclaimed, " I love food!"  He was able to eat some of it and keep it down all day. 

(Kevin is SO glad to be off of the renal diet[for his kidneys] , which means NO SALT! Can you tell?)

I was there while the physical therapist took him for a walk which seemed like torture for him and I know he pushed himself extra because I was there.  He was able to get on the scale and weighed 190!  This new weight loss program is ridiculous!!  He had several long and painful back spasms while I was there.  

(The physical therapist Heidi taking Kevin for a walk)

It was so hard to watch him suffer.  We enjoyed great conversation and talking about how much his friends love him and how he has felt their love and prayers bolster him up in his time of need.  He cried as we talked about them.  He talked about how much he missed Dale and you, and he was grateful for all the time that you were both able to spend with him but knew it was important for you to be home to take care of everything. 
Ben and I came back later in the evening with my step dad, Wayne Boyce.  After a nice visit Ben and Wayne administered to Kevin and gave him his 11th priesthood blessing.  Here are a few things that I can remember that Ben said in the blessing:
- Heavenly Father is delighted with him every time he asks for a priesthood blessing and that Kevin should delight in receiving them and that it is a demonstration of his faith.
- Kevin's righteous desires would be granted in the Lord's time and that He is here helping and comforting every moment as he suffers even as Job suffered.  That Kevin is learning patience and compassion and love.
- That his back spasms would calm and that he would be able to relax.  That through being able to eat food that the nutrients would help heal his body.  That one day he will be whole.  Ben blessed the doctor's that they would be guided by the spirit to know how to treat this rare cancer and learn from Kevin and know how to help others. 
- The veil would be thinned at this time and in the many quiet moments when Kevin is alone he would have many spiritual experiences and great times of learning as the Lord would reveal and answer the questions of his heart and teach him through the spirit. 
 - He was blessed that his bones would heal and that would receive great strength.  That would need to dig deep within himself to get through this trial.  Kevin was reminded that this was a trial of his faith and those around him would help him get through it.  And even though his family wasn't there that his family had him close in their hearts and in his mind and heart and to draw upon that for strength.
- The blessing was closed reminding him of how much his Father in Heaven loved him and would help him and is helping him. 

(Wayne, Ben & Kevin after Blessing #11)
After the blessing Ben asked Kevin how it felt to receive so many priesthood blessings in such a short amount of time. Kevin told a great story from his youth of when David O. Mackay came to his ward and shared with the priesthood brethren to give priesthood blessings to their family members often.  That it was part of the divine right of having the priesthood and administering even as the Savior would.  It was a great teaching moment between Ben and Kevin.  I think that Ben and Kevin are kindred spirits and they understand each other.  :) 

(The beautiful and talented baker Leslie, love those brownies!)
We visited for about a half hour more.  We could tell Kevin was tired and the nurse came to give him more pain meds for his spasms which were getting shorter.  We know that the Lord is blessing Kevin.  Although Kevin's body may seem weak right now, his spirit is stronger than ever.  The Lord is guiding the Doctors and Kevin is being comforted. 
We love your family so much!
Love, Leslie


  1. Hillary and Dale, Thanks for sharing Leslie and Bens wonderful time spent with Kevin. All of us who are following Kevins battle are blessed by his experiences. My faith has been strengthened today as I read your latest post. We continue to fast and pray continually individually and as a family for Kevin and the rest of you. We are honored that we are allowed to be apart of this( I am not going to call it a trial) faith and testimony building experience. You all are my heroes and an inspiration on how to deal with these kinds of experiences. You didnt choose the experience but you certainly have chosen how you handle it!
    Remember Rough weather make strong trees. We are all stonger because of the knowing you all.

    We love you all,

    Jeff, Cyndi and the girls.

  2. Thanksgiving hugs and kisses from us to your family! It has been a very precious experience to also pray for Dennis and his wife, as requested. It feels like he is a brother I haven't met. Anyway,thankful to be able to do it. Love to all! Robin

  3. Ditto to both comments. Lots of love to all of you. We pray for you.