Sunday, November 1, 2009

We just couldn't stay away

Kevin took his first new chemo drug Thalidomide Friday night. He has to take it at night because it causes drowsiness. He slept better that night than the few before it, which was nice but he was still drowsy all day Saturday.  Which means he didn't eat much the entire day and nothing for dinner at all.  When we gave him his chemo he promptly threw it up. He hadn't been feeling nauseous but we assume it was because he didn't have any food in him. Even without the second chemo pill he slept ALL DAY Sunday. This time he is coherent and hydrated but obviously getting worse. He was to weak to get to the car so we called an ambulance and within 15 short minutes our good friend Ken Smith and his Firefighting friends were "on the scene."

Ken Smith hard at work checking his (high) blood pressure
After a few directions the Ambulance & Cal Fire also arrived
(It's a lot of people in our little living room)

 Loading him up and away we go.

In many ways we are ahead of the game but we are still in the learning stage of all of this. We are at the hospital now (Sunday night) and I am sure he will be admitted in a while.  Once we get to a regular room basically all the nurses and staff know us and take great care of us all.  I will give you an update once we talk to Dr. Bonis and figure out what our next move will be.


  1. Just make sure that Kevin doesn't start to favor firemen more than CHP...Ben might get jealous. :) Hope he feels better soon. ((HUGS))

  2. Firemen are better anyway....they won't steel Kevins doughnuts....we'll be up on Thursday afternoon to put in 2 posts with addresses on them. We'll put in one at the fork in the road at the bottom of the driveway and one at the corner. That way all of the neighbors can put up thier numbers.....Firemen like it when we can locate the house.......ken

  3. Hillary...isn't it wonderful to have angels just a phone call away!
    Give your dad a hug for us all...or at least give him our best. We love you all. The Snider Bunch

  4. I personally would rather see Kevin grow fond of the Nurses than of the Fire or Police Officers! Thats just this mans opinion!!

    WE are praying for you guys.

    Jeff and Cyndi

  5. Personally, give me a sexy CPA any day! Mmm mmm mmm! I hope you realize how hard it is for me to stay away, when every Pa. Dutch and Italian gene in me is screaming..."GO FEED THE RICHARDS FAMILY!!!" I'm sure you all are being properly taken care of, but I am tempted to at least send jars of homemade spaghetti sauce with Kirk one of these days. Love you all tons and join our constant prayers with others who love you. xoxoxo!!! Robin