Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Waiting Patiently

Sorry there wasn't a post yesterday.  We do not have internet access at home which we are working to remedy but until then sometimes I forget while at the office. (opps)

Kevin is doing much better this time around at home.  Having the IV and fluids has made a HUGE difference and we are so grateful to nurse Nancy who comes to check on Kevin and train my mom and I on how to maintain his IV. She is also actively working to do whatever she can to help with Medical and anything else necessary to continue Kevin's path to the road to recovery. 

From what I has heard all the paperwork for the Thalidomide has been completed and the drug should be here (not sure it is coming to us or Dr. Bonis' office but either way it's a good thing) soon! Maybe today or tomorrow.  Then Kevin can get back onto chemo drugs and work on killing some serious cancer! In the mean time we are patiently waiting as the blessing keep rolling in and Kevin continues to get a small appetite back. His favorite thing right now is a lime sherbet and sprite float.

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