Thursday, October 15, 2009

In answer to YOUR many Prayers

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU We can't say it enough! Through you and our amazing and hardworking Doctor, Kevin has been APPROVED to receive the drug thalidomide!!!! Such good news and we are thrilled. So many miracles continually, we are so blessed :)
They are monitoring his kidneys which are having a hard time being bombarded with calcium so he may need more dialysis. Tomorrow morning Kevin will have a minor surgery to put the central line back in his jugular. This will make the dialysis and possibly more plasma exchange easier. 
We are on stand by to possibly go back to UCSF for more plasma exchange sometime soon-ish.  This would likely be a much faster trip and the best thing for him but it is not a sure thing yet.  Dale & I (Hillary) will likely be going with him again and are completely prepared and comfortable going back.  I will let you know as soon as we know. Dr. Bonis will have to call and get us approved to go back, and there also needs to be a  bed available but we know that if it's what he needs it will happen!


  1. Great news. One would think that we would no longer be amazed at these "ordinary miracles". But I am amazed and grateful for the speed in which the answers are flowing! Go to my friends. We are all with you.

  2. We are so happy things are progressing nicely...our love and prayers are still with each and every Richard family member.
    We love you,
    Ron and Mary

  3. We are so happy to hear this great news!! Please call us if we can help in any way. Love you guys!

  4. Hello Kevin, I hope you are doing well. You have been in our thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good humor and we will keep thinking good thoughts. We love you and mis you.
    Angela, David, Jeremy and Evan.

  5. "I stand all amazed" at times reading your blog. I know that the Lord moves mountains, but when we get to see it first hand with someone we love it is still amazing.
    Please let us know if Kevin needs blood or plasma donations, or if we can be tested for bone marrow doantions.
    God bless all the staff caring for Kevin, your family, and his hard working Doctors.
    Love, thoughts, and prayers, the Masons & Barnhills

  6. Such great news! One door shuts and another one opens. You are in our prayers always. Thanks for this blog, it really helps to know what is going on with you all. Love and prayers from Joe and Lisa Griffith