Saturday, October 3, 2009

Man Cave

As everyone knows, some days turn out better than anticipated, and then some come with high hopes that are dashed. This day was the later.  When I returned to TCCH I started in a regular room downstairs.  My chemo treatments have to be administered in the DOU unit, upstairs.  As I entered the very stark dark room with just a bed, nightstand and one small chair and nothing on the walls but a tv  I said to the nurse:  This isn't my room, this is my Man Cave!
Things had to be done before the football game tonight.  I need more seats.  There, The shower stool.  Aha! The toilet riser. Perfect.  Nurse Cindy was bringing the guacamole and chips.  Nurse Jennifer was covering the salsa and drinks. BYOC(hair).  But wait.  We still have to do the chemo treatment  Where's the premeds?  Let's snap to folks.  Well, the chemo was started 2 hours later than planned.  One machine had a problem. Fix the drip lines. Daylight's burnin. They won't let me watch the game during the treatment.
Sure the treatment went well without any significant side effects, but by the time they're wrapping things up they're playing in the end of the 3rd quarter!  The nurses and staff ha dto go home to their other families. No guac.  No chips,  No party.  I was so crushed I didn't even care who won.  Can you feel my pain?
And then Randy Barnhill, good 'ol trusty Randy, shows up to salvage the last quarter.  Turns out he has a friend in ICU and he thought he'd check in.  So now you can see how heartbreaking a day can become.  I hope yours went better.



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  1. Hey did I write some thing bad on that card???? You never called back after the Doctor came in??? dale wounldn't let you talk to that " sick Ken Smith" would she !!!!! ken