Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Had A Dream

After watching conference yesterday, I was reviewing some of the messages as I was dozing off for the night.  I had a great dream that during General Conference today one of the speakers quoted the scripture, "Arise.  Take up thy bed and walk", and I did!  I was able to get out of bed, stand, and walk without my walker or cane.  I listened very carefully this morning, but no go on the quote.  Dale and Candice are here with me today for the afternoon session.  So if you hear the scripture, you just may see some old tubby guy in a hospital gown walking out of TCCH.  If no declaration of healing then I will likely have to wait until tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday before getting discharged.


  1. I dreamed that I was dying of thirst; my lips were cracked and chapped, my tongue was swolen, I couldn't find water. I was stuck that way, no water anywhere. Note to benedryl before bed tonight. hug hug kiss kiss love to all!

  2. Kevin, remember when you walk out of TCCH in a hospital gown, not to flash all the people behind your behind! Those gowns leave alot to be desired.