Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Close Shave and a Rummage Sale

Kevin wanted to look pretty again so we brought his shaver in but his hair was too long so Hillary had to help him trim it down in order to make his face nice and smooth.

The Paso Robles Wards have been hard at work with different fund raising projects. Including today's Rummage Sale. The Coons have been collecting items from ward members, friends, family, and neighbors. They have been receiving donations for over a week which added up to a TON of stuff!
Even the children (Thank you Cameron & Carolyn King) helped out by showing how fun all the toys were so the other children would want them :-)

We are grateful for the many people who donated their items, time setting up and packing everything left over back up.  Talk about a HUGE team effort! We are so thankful for the service and it was a BIG success.  We are overwhelmed at your generosity and the continual love we feel from your prayers.

After the rummage sale we went to the hospital to share the wonderful news and pass on the well-wishes from the many friends and sweet people we met at the sale. He and his nurse Tatiana were overjoyed!
Kevin is doing well, his kidney's are still doing well today so he doesn't need dialysis yet. (what a blessing) He even was able to get up and walk down the hall (with his trusted back brace and walker) to the shower for the first time since returning to the hospital. It's nice to see CLEAN long wavy locks and beautiful blue eyes!


  1. We are all pulling for you Kevin. Be strong and know that our family is saying mulitple prayers daily for you and your family!

    We love the Richards!

  2. Hello Kevin,

    It's good to see ya smiling! I've missing ya! I pray for you each day. I have been recently blessed with the "swine flu" and missed about 4 days of work. I've been known to be a little selfish in the past, but I have overcome that phase of my life and I am sharing my illness with Tani and Chloe!

    You and your family with be blessed for the trials that you are challenged with. You have and will continue to touch many peoples lives. You and your family are in our prayers daily.

    Love Michael

    PS: Are you aware of any good doctors I could go see for my influenza? Ultimately I would like to return it back to da pigs after I am finished sharing it with my family!