Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Homecoming King

Yesterday morning the long awaited back brace showed up, fit great, and really helps with his walking so they sent him home in the afternoon. WOOHOO

Kevin is glad to be home but the process has been pretty traumatic for his body.  He has been feeling very sick, which is a normal set back after he has anything major done. (PET Scan, MRI, CAT Scan, or coming home) He was able to sleep better at home so he should be feeling better soon.  We are hoping to be able to get him out of bed and exercising soon.


  1. Dorothy said it best..."There is no place like home" hey Kevin if I remember right you might even have some red shoes from last years "Bishops Skit"...All those red shoes you had everyone use. We loved that skit too. I hope you will settle in quickly and regain your strength.
    much love The Snider Bunch

  2. Hurrah! We love you. ... If I had known you only needed a back brace, I could have loaned you mine. You are always in our prayers and we put your name in the WJ, UT temple. Love to your family too.
    the Connolly Duo