Saturday, October 24, 2009

Home Again Soon-ish

Yesterday evening Kevin received his 1st treatment in his 2nd round of chemo. Still the VDD medications but all of the paperwork was finished 2 days ago for the thalidomide drug which will hopefully come soon. The pre-chemo drugs they gave Kevin completly knocked him out so they decided to keep him another night to monitor him.

Dale & Candice are back at the hospital this morning to get him all dolled up for the ride home and make sure the hospital is all set up for his next treatment Monday, as soon as I finish this update I am on my way back as well.  We have home help care coming this afternoon once we get home to get Kevin's IV fluids all set up and give us  a little training. We are better prepared this time but it is a learning process for us all.

I cannot stress enough that absolutely no more visitors will be allowed to see Kevin. If he is in need of a priesthood blessing we will call the appropriate people but no visitors or people "dropping by" will be allowed to see Kevin and we don't have time for visit when we are his full time care at home. We all wish this wasn't the case because we miss visiting with everyone, especially Kevin who has been so cut off and loves you all! The more chemo he gets in him the less immune system he has and even sort seemingly harmless visits exhaust him. We need all his energy and strength to go to healing his body at this time.  Thank you for your continued cooperation with this situation.
~Hillary (apparently I am supposed to sign my name even though I've written most of the posts thus far & haven't signed any, oops)

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  1. We will keep away with all our various germs, but really wish we could help. Prayers are heading your way several times a day instead. Will try to find someone to record the primary program so you can all see it. We love you guys!
    Kathy and Larry Griffith