Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Minor Improvements

Kevin is making minor improvements.  Today he has been more aware and alert.  He is still very exhausted from not sleeping and from the illness. He has not had much of an appetite since we left TCCH last Tuesday but thankfully he carried some "food storage" around with him so there is no cause for alarm.
Sleeping like a Court Jester

We just met with Doctor Bonis who is actively working to get Kevin the chemo drug thalidomide as a charitable donation, instead of the valcade, doxile.  He can still have the corticosteroid dexamethasone which is a cancer fighter (non-chemo) that he did receive today.  He will get this for 3 more days. They just informed us that Kevin's calcium is not critical anymore it's down to 12.something which I believe is directly related to his receiving the dexamethazone. This is a good sign that we won't have to rush to UCSF soon.
Kevin tested positive for a anti biotic resistant staph infection carrier so anyone who comes in the room has to put on a gown and gloves each time they leave and come back. The good news is that Kevin now has his own room because of it! More room to spread out.
Doctor, Doctor

It's actually not as fun as it looks!

Never leave medical equipment alone in a room with the Richards

Slow but steady improvements but it looks like he will be here for a while. If he is here till Monday (which is likely) he will start receiving his 2 round of DVD (or VDD) the chemo, until the thalidomide comes through (if it comes through).  Thalidomide is a VERY hard drug to get so please pray that Dr. Bonis is successful in talking the drug company into donating some.

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  1. Dale and Hillary, thanks for keeping us all updated. We check everyday to see what is going on. We know that through constant prayer and the continual faith of all of us, Kevin will be healed. We appreciate you allowing us to participate in your Journey, we look forward to getting to the mountaintop with you!

    On to a more serious note, Medicinal Marijuana. It must be working for everyone, they have opened something like 25 store front shops in the last couple months up here! I can see the "Bishop" lying on his hospital bed, entertaining well wishers, with a big old doobie between hi lips! I might even pay for the photograph!!

    We love you guys,

    Jeff and Cyndi....mostly Cyndi!