Friday, October 30, 2009

Kevin wanted to Share

Kevin has been staying current on sports by reading the LA Times and came across an article he really enjoyed and wanted me to share with you.
This quote especially stood out to Kevin

“I don’t see how you can be president without relying on the Almighty. Now, when I was 21 I wouldn’t have told you that, but at age 63, I can tell you that one of the most amazing surprises of the presidency was the fact that people’s prayers affected me. I can’t prove it to you. But I can tell you some days were great, some days not so great. But every day was joyous.” -Former President George W. Bush. That he attributed to the prayers of others.

LA Times, Oct. 28, 2009, Motivational talk inspires Bush to step back on stage, Mary Jordan, page A17.
For the full article click on the link below

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