Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trying to learn patience

     We are frustrated!  He didn't get his chemo on Monday as scheduled because it hadn't arrived!  Don't know who's fault it is.  Tuesday chemo was delayed because the installation of the new pik line was delayed because of a code blue in the hospital which we totally understand.  So once the pik line was in I don't know what delayed the chemo, but when it was finally mixed our oncologist said it was too late in the evening.  He doesn't like chemo given during the night because there is less staff then to watch for potential side affects, understandable.  Once mixed the chemo only has an 8 hour shelf life and went bad!  So we wait for a new batch to be drop shipped.  He is on a schedule of chemo on day 1, 4, 8, & 11.  If he gets it tomorrow that would make day 4 Sunday and they don't like to do chemo on weekends.  So now we aren't getting it until Friday and will probably go home with IV later that day or Saturday!  The chemo we've been waiting for here is not the new drug our oncologist is  waiting for.  I haven't heard what's going on with that.  I hope he gets that on Friday as well. 
     Even though we've gotten great care here, the nurses are fabulous, the doctor situation is frustrating.  He gets a new hospital doctor each week.  They don't seem to communicate with each other the details!  We want our oncologist be the head doctor, but he has his own office and all the other docs are here at the hospital.  We have a kidney doctor as well.  They are the two most important docs.  The hospitalist seems to be in charge of getting rid of us a soon as possible.  We're staying we're leaving no we're staying.has been the order of the day.  As of now we are staying!
     He is feeling a little better.  He still has no appetite.  He's eaten a little bit here and there but not much.   I won't take him home without IV fluids so he doesn't get dehydrated again.  He has very little energy and spends it all quickly.  We are still requesting no visitors.  He wears out too fast.  We bring him your cards and well wishes daily.  We can't thank you enough for your continued prayers.  We feel them!  They are sustaining us all.  We pray for you each day as well.  We ask that the Lord will bless you to know that your prayers are heard and answered and working!  Thank you  so much for your continued prayers!  We need them!  We love you all so much and we just can't express the way that we feel your love.  It is overwhelming in a beautiful way!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Love, Dale


  1. Dale have they had Kevin drink the Ensure drinks? They are in all flavors and a little can go a long way as far as nutrition which might help with energy/strength. Just wondering. You all are in our prayers. Please give him our love and a hug. The Snider Bunch

  2. I know thousands of times his name has been put in temples, but it still was important to me to do that when Amanda and I went on Wednesday. So, just know that once again his name is in the temple prayer roll and tons of love from us going with that. Love you all tons. Wish there were something we could do to ease your burden...if there were anything please don't, Robin