Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cathing up on Photos

After 7 weeks in a hospital bed Kevin's long wavy locks are making him channel his inner Christopher Walken
Our ridiculously hardworking and amazing Doctor Bonis
Sweetheart nurse Nancy showing Dale & Hillary how to torture Kevin with an IV

Nancy changing his IV correctly with Kevin paying attention so he can "coach" Dale & Hillary later

The Richards family has been VERY well taken care of by our extended family, friends, community, and even strangers. A family friend mentioned to a co-worker our plight and how terribly bumpy our dirt road is making it hard on medical assistance and visitors. This complete stranger offered to bring a grader out and fix it in his spare time. He's a long haul truck driver and it's home much and chose to spend a Saturday afternoon helping us. So a big THANK YOU to John Davis a kindhearted, service oriented and new friend to the Richards family!

 Anyone who's been out to our place recently knows what a beautiful sight this is!



  1. The world is certainly full of wonderful, kind hearted strangers. Its nice to be reminded of that once in awhile because a few not so nice one's can begin to color one's vision a bit! Its really nice when someone reaches out who is not already a "friend" and just steps up to help someone in need even if they don't even know them.


    Dearest Richards family,
    Temporarily can't say from who, but thanks Hillarly or Dale for picture of Dr. Bonis. REAL EYE CANDY!!! Other than that I have to say DITTO to all above comments.

    Who, besides you Kevin, could see what a HUGE faith experience this would be? Here "for me and my house", we thought we had some serious faith, but who knew you would come along and really show us. ALL of us do now have the prayers, faith and hope to be voyers with excited anticipation to see this played out. Love to all of you.