Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rough Day

Kevin has been moved to the ICU (the DOU was full) to receive his chemo treatment. It is now 6:15pm and he still hasn't had it yet but soon hopefully. Tonight he will receive velcade and doxile as his chemo drugs.  No word yet on the thalidomide.

Earlier today they put a PICC line back in because his IV's have failed.  His veins have been beaten to death and need a break so they decided it was time to put it back in.

Yesterday at lunch Kevin ate a taco bell crunchy taco and 1/2 of a egg salad sandwich and managed to keep them both down. Last night he returned back to his old self of extreme nausea and no eating making today a rough day.


  1. Thanks so much for todays update. I hope he feels better now the PIC line is in. Please give him our best. We love you guys. The Snider Bunch

  2. We love you and keep the prayers coming your way. I check the update a few times a day and am glad you got a taco bell treat. Is Panda next? Hang in there, the Lord is with you.
    Kathy and Larry

  3. We also check in with your blog several times a day-We love updates! Thank you so much for taking the time to keeping us in the loop.
    Uncle Kevin, when I am nauseas for weeks on end I have a Haagen Dazs (or something similar). I figure that if I am going to be hurling I at least want it to taste good going down! In addition to eating something yummy there are three benefits from this:
    1. If you do toss it than you don’t have to worry about your girlish figure,
    2. I have found that if I up chuck something I usually no longer crave it having seen and tasted it in reverse,
    3. If you keep it down, yeah you! I am sure your body will be grateful for any nourishment at this point!
    Love you!!!

  4. Lara, Paige and Bailey Mason are thinking of you and have you in our prayers.....
    The Masons