Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chemo in Process...

Today Kevin will receive his last chemo treatment in his 1st round.  The treatments make him very tired and weak so we are asking that no one visit him today or tomorrow. He needs to get some rest and get strong enough to return home (fingers crossed) TOMORROW!

Thank you for you help in keeping him strong, healthy and uplifted :)


  1. Outstanding news! We pray that his last treatment will go well so he can return home and get some real rest in the comfort of his family & home!

  2. Hi...HI Still with you. Went to the temple Tues and put your name in again. Remember you twice a day in my prayers. Hang onto that promise! Love, Norma

  3. Well, it's about time you got a new post on here-my computer was going to slap me if I checked your site one more time!!! Wanted to come visit you and it looks like you still need a break so I will wait. You know, this is an extreme way to get out of another summer adventure!!! Oh, I actually found a new challange for myself next June. If you want a good laugh check it out I'm getting ready for the Wasatch Front!!!