Monday, October 26, 2009

Paperwork Complications

Well today Kevin was supposed to go back to TCCH for his 2nd treatment in his 2nd round of chemo but this will not be happening.  We found out Friday just before they kicked us out that TCCH doesn't do outpatient chemo and we were told everything was set up for us to come back be re-admitted and receive chemo we just had to have Dr. Bonis set up the appointment and tell us what time.  Poor Dr. Bonis who is just as frustrated as we are was told today on the phone that TCCH doesn't admit for chemo. We would have to come in through the ER, then be admitted in order to receive the drugs BUT Kevin would have to be more "emergent" and rapidly dying from cancer to be admitted in the ER.It all comes back to an insurance, bureaucracy nightmare.

So Kevin will not be getting anymore chemo with TCCH (unless he is "mostly dead" again) something we have been trying to avoid for more than two weeks.  Hopefully the paperwork will all be completed for the Thalidomide drug to come this week.  Dr. Bonis is also doing everything he can to help speed up the medical process.

These are the inevitable frustrations that always occur but we have seen so many blessings and miracles thus far that we are sure the next few are right around the corner!


  1. SUPER Lame. Wow seriously that hospital just keeps going up on the lame scale. I will be praying for something to work out! I have faith it will. I love you guys.

  2. Don't ya just hate all the red tape! It is soooo frustrating. Hang in there you guys so many of us are praying and fasting for Kevin and the rest of the family.
    Kevin it was great to be at Brians last night when you called. It really gave all of us a boast knowing that you were even able to make the call. We all love you and look forward to your return to good health!

    Jeff and Cyndi

  3. We are constantly thinking about all of you. I'm sorry everything is so frustrating, but know there are so many people praying for you everyday. Hang in there and I hope they get this chemo thing worked out. We love you guys!

    The Winn's

  4. All righty then. It is time to take positive action. I have been searching for a website for Bish R that would negate (pretty much) the BS, torture, tribulation and aggravation being flung by the hanged hospital. I knew I had found it when I read: "Three months ago my husband was on his deathbed with cancer. I would bring him MLIA's to read every other day in order to cheer him up. He loved reading them with me and always wanted to submit one of his own average stories. Today I got the call of a lifetime, my husband has beaten cancer by miraculous odds. Thank you MLIA." YESSSSSSSSSSS! The website is (I don't know. Do you want to stay up til 2am laughing your face off? I only stopped 58 pages in last night because that's how old I am and I had to think of some good reason.) Norma

  5. Hi Kevin and family

    What a trooper you are and how very frustrating for you to have to go thru all the waiting and postponing. Know I am thinking and praying for you and your family and that you are in my thoughts and prayers throughout my day.

    You are a great great person that so helped Lucky Joe and I and know what a very special, kind person you are.
    frankie Whitman