Monday, October 5, 2009

Giving It 100%

Today is the 3 week anniversary of the trip from TCCH to UCSF.  Time sure is flying by, and time sure seems to be standing still.

 You may recall from earlier posts that my doctor here in Paso performed a bone marrow biopsy nearly 3 weeks ago.  Then, the docs at the UCSF hospital decided that they needed one of their own and didn't want to share.  One purpose of it is to see what percentage of the bone marrow, or in my case the plasma in the bone marrow, are cancer cells.  For instance, we met Troy Parke at UCSF who has a different form of multiple myeloma,but is at the bone marrow biopsy stage.  When visiting with Troy he said that his biopsy indicated that his cancer was at about 50% when they started his chemo treatments. I do not know how they measure it, just that they do.  After 7 months of chemo his percentage was down to 5%, so on to the next round for him, which is the bone marrow transplant.

So I'm visiting with Dr Bonis about things and asked him why he hasn't given us a report on the biopsy yet.  His response, 90-100%.  I made the statement "So basically I don't have bones, they're more like cancer tubes."  He said he'd never heard it put quite that way, but that is a correct assessment.

All of the miracles up to this point have been many and  literally life saving.  Dr Bonis said, "Now you are in the battle of your life."  The fact that I look and feel relatively well on the outside does not change the fact that as of right now, my cancer is eating away at my bones faster than the chemo can kill it.  Dr Bonis reiterated that he expects us to win.  It may take longer.  It may take larger doses, it may take modifying the chemo cocktail,..etc.   How nice it is to have a Doc who believes in miracles.
     With all of the fasting, prayers, blessings, care and Heavenly Father's will, it's a done deal.  Please include in your prayers that the chemo will be effective immediately against the cancer and that it will act quickly and completely to stem the growth of the cancer in my body; that my body will be able to be healthy and strong in order to fight the cancer; and tolerate the chemo; that the doctor's will be inspired to find and follow the treatment protocol that will be most effective for my case; and that I will not have any more problems with bone fractures in my spine and body in general.
     On behalf of all of us, thank you for the depth of love that everyone has shown.  We love you too.



  1. We're praying for you! We'll also pray for your "cancer tubes" to be strong and that chemo will work. We love you.

  2. Kevin, thanks for the update and thanks for your continued outlook and attitude. It is amazing that people can go through these kind of events and have the optimism you exhibit! We love you guys and are continually praying that the treatments you are receiving will restore your health. We will add to our prayers your request that the Chemo will be effective immediately!

    Jeff and Cyndi

  3. Are you sure that is ALL you want? I mean while we are at it would you like a Prowler or a Bentley? Any thing for you Kevin! Love you all!

  4. How am I supposed to remember all of that?! Can I look at this page while I pray so I can just read it? It certainly will be heart felt, I just can't take the pressure of trying to remember everything. By the way, are you making a scene there, because you know how I hate it when you make a scene. hug hug kiss kiss love to all!

  5. Kevin, thank you for such a lesson in faith and optimism. We are keeping you in our prayers and thoughts. We look forward to seeing your smiling face soon. Love to you from both of us.

    Tim and Mary

  6. A word from Chemobrain,

    No wonder you aren't over this yet. I have been simply praying for you to have stronge bones and good healthy blood and that the doctors will be blessed to perform their very best. I'll change my order tonight and be more specific!

    Love ya and look forward to looking back on this day with you, and talking about the close call we had and the bullets we dodged.

  7. Thanks for the clear explanation of what is happening to you. I'm amazed the cancer could have spread so far without you feeling the effects far sooner. Or maybe it was just that fast moving.

    We'll continue to pray for you and your doctors. Thanks for the reminder on the power of being specific in prayer. Don't give up.


    The Kings