Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Kevin was in the hospital for Thanksgiving so we held the official Richards Thanksgiving Redux on the 26th
It was delicious and fun to have the whole family together!
After church Kevin's old 1st counselor Darryl and his wife Manulani came for a visit.

Monday was a chemo day and because of the holiday we had to go to the San Luis office

After chemo Kevin was still feeling pretty good so we went to our favorite sandwich place Kona's and ran into an old friend Dave. It's always good to see friends when you least expect it!

To celebrate Dale's Birthday today Darrell offered to Dad-sit while Hillary got her out of the house for a much needed escape. While our friend Floyd, and his son Sam delivered and set up our replacement treadmill, what service!

Tomorrow we go back to San Luis Obispo for his last chemo treatment in this round. We have a consultation  with Dr. Wolf in San Fransisco on Jan. 5th and lots of pre-transplant labs and paper work. This will all determine if Kevin is healthy enough and when it will take place. If all goes well (which we know it will) he will start the pre-transplant treatments in January.

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  1. It's so good to read all the good news! Happy Birthday Dale! You have your treadmill again! Viva Costco! Thinking of you and appreciate the updates. xoxo Robin