Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nothing Like A Crunchy Taco

Today has been another good day. He started with a lite breakfast and then another walk with the physical therapist. He went the same distance as yesterday and then was able to take a nap.

We brought him a crunchy taco from Taco Bell for lunch and he ate the WHOLE THING!
(It's funny that a crunchy taco is the only thing Kevin has requested since this all began??? weirdo)

Sara Collett and Hillary team teach the sunbeam class and while I was in San Fransisco the class put together a care package for Kevin which included drawings, cards, and some cars to entertain Kevin with.
Kevin and Hillary enjoy having races down the hospital bed!

Who can come up with the best name for the pink puke bucket?
(basically a trusted friend that goes everywhere Kevin does, who deserves a proper name)
Please leave your suggestions in the comments field or email us at
We will post the winner and "major award" at the end of the contest
(Does anyone have suggestions for a "major award?")


  1. Pepe Le Puke
    It's good to see Kevin in better spirits.
    -Sariah & Family

  2. How about "Pink Panter" (instead of the Pink Panther). Do you pant alot before you puke? Or does it come out effortlessly? Then it could be "Comes-a-lot" (instead of Camelot). Sorry, I am not very creative!
    Kathy Griffith

  3. We have two suggestions. And we'll probably have more. Because we're awesome like that.
    ...Pail Face...(from jen)
    ...Gertrude...(from justin)
    jen and justin moon

  4. Dang, the name suggestions are REALLY good. ROTF. I don't know, an appropriate major award might be a pink puke bucket filled with something that doesn't make anybody puke, say the "Twilight" series? Well, no, that probably wouldn't be it... Maybe a "potted" plant? Get it? I crack myself up. Norma

  5. Perhaps: Yack Pack.

    Though I think the other ideas are far better.
    Our wishes and prayers are with you each and every day, Kevin.
    We keep you close to our hearts and want you to know we are with you in spirit.
    The Unger Girls
    Jane, Anamaria and Nina

  6. I have always liked the name "Ralph".
    As for the "major award" bout "ralph", when Kevin is finished with him of course!

    Great to see you up walking.

    jeff and Cyndi

  7. Alan Reti suggests "Barfy the Vampire Slayer". Kevin, hope you're feeling better!