Thursday, December 17, 2009

Be a good boy, Don't make the Naughty List

Kevin is back at home and yesterday afternoon had a field trip to the doctors office. This was his second visit to Dr. Bonis' office because he's been in the hospital so much. It was a 4 hour round trip and really taxing on Kevin but it must be done. This was a preliminary meeting to discuss "the plan." He will receive 1 more round of chemotherapy with Dr. Bonis, starting Monday Dec. 21.

Dr. Bonis said that Kevin is on "low" doses of this chemo treatment which is why he hasn't lost his hair yet. It's starting to look like a bad wig! I guess we do need to get his hair cut instead of waiting for it to fall out.

Update from Dennis' Blog:
We're Home!!  Things went very smoothly today - and we arrived safe and sound in Anchorage where we were met by our son-in-law Eric.  Went directly to Providence Hospital - though Dennis really wanted to just head to Eagle River.  We met with Dr. Anderson, our Alaska oncologist and started the ball rolling on some home health care issues.... the plan is that Dennis will come home tomorrow.  He was in great spirits, ate more than I've seen him eat in over a month.  This evening he was telling stories to Dominic, Angela and Eric... the best spirits he's been in a long time.  I know this was the right thing to do!

We are so relived that they arrived home safely. Flying with someone as sick as Dennis must have been nerve raking but his excitement to be home must have helped him rally through. Dennis will continue to receive treatment in Anchorage and enjoy the comfort of being at home with his family. Send our love and prayers to Alaska!!!

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