Thursday, December 10, 2009

Home Happiness

Considering we didn't get out of the hospital till almost 4pm (high traffic time) we had an amazingly quick trip home. Carpool lanes actually serve a purpose in the bay area. For as green as they are they all drive there own car everywhere leaving the carpool lanes wide open. We made it home in 3 1/2 hours including a quick stop at Carl's Jr. to get the Big Guy a western bacon cheeseburger.  He didn't sleep at all the whole way home because he was to excited but crashed as soon as we got him in bed. We drugged him up before we left so he had a very comfortable ride home considering and he only had a few minor spasms last night and this morning as repercussions.

We are all so grateful to be home at this time of year and especially grateful for all our loving friends and family who have blessed our lives so much and increased our testimonies 100 fold. Because it's flu season Kevin has to be extremely cautious about infection so he won't be allowed out besides doctors trips and has to avoid people. Something that is extremely difficult for Kevin but health has to come first and we don't want to backtrack anymore.

It is so hard to once again leave Dennis Lozano (Kevin's roommate from his first visit to San Fransisco) behind. Dennis has been confined to the hospital for nearly 3 months and has been stuck in his tiny room for over a week due to an infection. He is very depressed and going stir crazy (who wouldn't be) but as soon as the infection is cleared and he gains a little health they should be ready for his transplant. We are hoping that by the time Kevin has to go back to UCSF in January Dennis will have been released or almost ready to go home after a successful transplant and healing time. We are so grateful for Dennis and his family who have helped support us and who allow us to be apart of there very difficult journey.  We miss the already!

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  1. Yay! Welcome home! We wish we could be there to give you a hug, but we are giving you a hug in our minds. Love you guys!
    Kathy and Larry Griffith