Thursday, December 3, 2009

Exercise Maniac

Get weighed, am walk, sit in chair, eat better, afternoon walk, sit in chair again, mouth care

Today Kevin met ALL of his nurses goals! He has had 3 good days in a row and things are going well. Everyone is talking and preparing to send us home at some point but the last we heard was at least another week. Dale & Hillary are nervous about bringing him home again but the doctors, physical therapist, and nurses are trying to do everything they can to prepare him and us.

He did 2 longer walks today and sat in a chair twice. He has to practice sitting in a chair to prepare for a long, uncomfortable ride home whenever that might happen.  He is feeling sore after 2 days of extreme physical activity but is glad to be making progress.

Dale & Hillary were able to have a short visit with Dennis and Marie this evening. Dennis looked much better today than he did on Tuesday.  He is feeling a little better and getting over his "cold." All the big wig doctors met yesterday to discuss his future mainly, if a transplant is in Dennis' future or not. Last night they got the news that they will go ahead with a transplant if he can get his strength up and get over his cold.  This is excellent news! Dennis has been in the hospital for nearly 3 months and this was the good news we have been waiting for. We are now praying that he can sleep soundly (he's been having insomnia) so he feels up to his exercises. If you would like to check out Dennis' blog please visit

Still excepting names for the "Name the Pink Puke Bucket Contest" please leave your names in the comments field or email Some previously submitted names are...
-Sanctuary for Food Voted Off the Island
-Pepe Le Puke
-Pink Panter or Comes-a-lot
-Pail Face
-Yack Pack


  1. BARFHA as in Martha...

  2. ROLPH
    REGGIE short for regeratate

  3. How about Captain Captain Jack Sparrow form Pirates of the Caribbean