Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas at the Castle

We knew this Christmas was going to be a little different but we didn't know just how AWESOME it would be.  Betsy King has been setting goals for Kevin's healing and frankly he hasn't been meeting any of them...until now! Brett & Cir had to work Christmas day so the family was going to visit him and we were invited to join them. We never thought it would happen but Kevin has been feeling a  little bit better (one of his meds really helps with this so we have to take advantage of it) so we packed up and headed for HEARST CASTLE!!!
It was a gorgeous, sunny California Christmas day!

Those with "special needs" got to ride all the way to the back door

While the rest of us enjoyed strolling around the grounds
Carolyn & Hillary love the golden inside Roman pool

Candice & Chris came home for the holiday

Dale & Crutchy (for all you Newsie fans) 

This is a Christmas tree made from poinsettias

but the real Christmas trees are GINORMOUS!

Dale, Kevin, and Carolyn lazing around on a couch while the others explored

A view from the top of the castle with the ocean in the background

The adventuresome in the party went up to the roof and beyond...

into the bell tower Quasimodo goes (Darrell)

Carolyn, Cameron, Betsy (and the triplets still cooking)

and Cir went for a swim in the outdoor Neptune pool.

Even though it was different it might just have been the most unforgettable CHRISTMAS EVER!!!! Thanks to the King family for making it possible and sharing their Christmas with us.


  1. That is so cool that Kevin could go to the castle--an actual outing!!

  2. I am sooo thrilled to see you doing so well. I had a dream that I was running on the side of the road and you drove by me Kevin and wouldn't look at me or talk to me because I hadn't come to visit you. So that is it!!! I am planning a visit this week. When you least expect it, expect it!!!

  3. I can't believe how wonderful everyone looked on your outing. I'm glad you got that fun experience.


  4. Hello Bishop,

    It is wonderful to see you up and about...couldn't think of a better Christmas gift for you. It is my New Year's wish, you have many more wonderful outings with your family. You and your family are in my prayers. I am back in PR from a brief visit in Idaho to see mother. I will call your cell to determine if you are back at your home. Warm regards,
    M. Bills