Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bustin Outta Here (for a few weeks)

So sometime Wednesday afternoon (at best) early evening (most likely) we will be loading Kevin up and driving him home.  The long car ride we be taxing on him so it will likely take a couple of days for him to be feeling like his new normal again but he will be glad to be out of the hospital.

He will continue treatments with our original oncologist Dr. Bonis in Paso. Probably only 1 more round of chemo before returning to UCSF in San Fransisco for the higher doses of PACe chemotherapy. We'll discuss that when the time comes. This will happen sometime in January. For now we are taking things one step at a time!


  1. YAYYYYYY!!!!! I'll be praying that the transition is sucessful and as painless as possible.

  2. Here's a funny. Keep laffin'. Today, I went to a mexican restaurant where you write your order in on a piece of paper. I ordered 2 tacos and some rice. I then put "Make with love" in the special instructions section. When I got my food the rice was in the shape of a heart. New favorite restaurant? Most definitely. MLIA