Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dapper Dad

This have been going better this time at home. Kevin is feeling pretty good, so good in fact that he made it up the stairs and took a shower! After his shower our friends Ron & Barbara came over and Barbara cut his "long wavy locks" off. 
Dr. Bonis told us that he is receiving low doses of cytoxan so he probably won't lose any hair. His last hair cut was the week before we found out about the cancer. (about 3 months) I guess he's grown out of his hippy phase for a while anyway.
Another satisfied customer and one dapper looking Dad! I think is also brings out the color of his "red dot," don't you?
Ron also gave him a blessing because he is experiencing a lot of new pain from a weeks old rash he got while at UCSF. They weren't worried about it but it been there so long and now causing extreme pain. My mom thinks it might be shingles. Will have to talk to the doc on Monday.

Later in the afternoon our friend Tani and her daughter Chole stopped by to deliver some Christmas cheer!


  1. Nice haircut! I was going to volunteer my services. Next time, let me know. I'll be glad to give you a haircut.

  2. Well. Lookin' good. Here's a funny. Today I was late for school. The guy on the late sheet before me put 'saving the world' as his excuse so i wrote 'destroying the world' as mine. I came in later and the next person had writen ' I was an innocent bystander, it was epic'. I love my school. MLIA

  3. Hi there! It's so good to see your blog for the first time here! Kathleen reminded me of it when I asked about you. I'm glad to see your smile and see you are getting a haircut--I just gave my hubby Dan one the other night and it makes everything better. I even got my own hair cut today. You have been in our prayers here in the Andrus home and I'm glad to see you looking so well! --Nancy Andrus