Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Thank You

As I begin to write this short thank you my eyes are already tearing up, my heart is pounding and my spirit is full within me.  As I lie here in my hospital bed, where the Christmas tree would normally be, I have a perfect view of our entertainment center.  Every year we tape the Christmas cards that we receive to the entertainment center.  This year, for some reason, it is not just covered in an orderly fashion (you know Dale), but plastured with cards.  All with not only the normal greetings for the holidays, but more important to us, the expressions of love, the additions to prayers and prayer lists, and the statements of friendship, help and assistance in any way that have filled this Christmas with the Saviour's love and God's true gift of this season.  Thank you all for not only showing us what true brotherhood/sisterhood means in the Gospel, but SHOWERING US WITH IT.  Our love for you all has been deepened and strengthened as we never imagined it could be.  The blessings that we have received from this lesson alone, far outweigh the trials we have endured to receive them.  We will never be able to thank you enough, but we will spend the rest of our lives trying.  We wish you all a Merry Christmas, full of the Saviour's love, and a Happy New Year, full of our love and gratitude for you.


  1. We will continue praying for you so that you will have a long life of thanksgiving. love you too!!!

  2. Merry Christmas KEVIN and my dear sweet gorgeous friend Dale. If you are craving any food in particular just tell me. My food(what can I say, it is awfully good), restaurant food(do I hear LoLo's?),temple cuisine(I could probably duplicate their egg salad sandwich or the mystery meat thing), MRI's(it could be one of those weird cravings), health food store food(I know how you love wheatgrass!), you name it and maybe just maybe I'll do something about it. You know I'm capable, and you know I am willing!(or maybe it's just a plot to see Dale!) hug hug kiss kiss love you mean it!