Friday, December 4, 2009

Approved! Miracle # kabillion

You've prayed us another miracle!  I received a message from our case worker at home notifying us that Kevin was qualified for Medi-Cal from September forward!  We have to give credit to our wonderful attorney Martha for working this one!  As soon as she came on board things started happening.  We were told that Kevin would qualify but that it wouldn't be retroactive back to the beginning.  Martha not only pushed it through but she got it retro to the beginning, which is huge.  Saving us at least a million dollars.  Martha you're one in a million!  We are so grateful.  We knew that it would all work out somehow, but this is more than we could have hoped for!

Kevin is doing very well this week.  He's been able to get out of bed for a short walk two times a day, which is huge!  He's had less nausea, more appetite, and more energy.  A complete turn around from last week.  He received chemo today and is scheduled to receive it again on Monday.  If he can maintain the gains of this week into next we expect him to be released to go home and continue his chemo in Dr. Bonis' office in Paso Robles.  We will know more on Monday.  They need to make arrangements with Dr. Bonis, and Dr. Wolf and Dr. Martin here will hopefully be able to give us a better idea of our future schedule.  We will be coming back to UCSF when they determine he is ready to prepare for his stem cell transplant.  More about that later.

We can't thank all of you enough for your continued prayers in our behalf.  I know that prayer is not only what gets us through the day, it has brought us constant peace and comfort.  Kids, I really mean it when I say the Holy Ghost is our comforter.  The spirit has enveloped us in your love and warmth and that gives us all the strength we need.  We express our gratitude for all of your gifts and efforts to help us in every conceivable way.  God lives and hears and answers all our prayers.  We have to be patient in waiting for the answers and be willing to accept His will for us, knowing that He knows best.  We are grateful that this time His will was our will as well!

Thank you for your prayers in behalf of our good friend Dennis Lozano and his family.  It's been a long hard road for them.  He's not out of the woods yet, but thankfully he has the same wonderful doctors that Kevin has and we believe they will do everything humanly possible to heal Dennis.  Please continue to add Dennis to your prayer list.  I know it's working!  We've grown quite attached to the Lozanos and want them to experience as much good news and blessings as we have.  We have a good feeling about this!  Thanks again.
Love, Dale


  1. This is another amazing, wonderful blessing! The Lord's hand is in everything! Yay!
    Kathy Griffith

  2. Oh wow! That is so awesome! I knew it would happen. I'm so glad to hear that Kevin is making progress. Love you lots!