Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Good BIG Day

Today has been a busy day but Kevin is making very good progress! I hope I can remember everything...

The day started out with Breakfast and a visit from the "pain team"(4 doctors/students) who are working on the spasm issue. Since the treatments obviously aren't controlling the pain they think it might be nerve related and will start him on neurotin (slowly and then more aggressively depending on his reaction to the new drugs)

Then Kevin was able to read the many cards and primary pictures we brought back with us. He especially enjoyed his "heart attack" from the Paso Robles Primary, they all wrote messages, colored pictures, and added stickers to heart.

He had a good laugh when he read a Thanksgiving card his Mother sent him. It reads "All along, Tom thought he was being ostracized for being born with an 'outtie,' not realizing it was actually a pop-up timer."

He was able to get out of bed today and go for a little walk. His nurse Karen and physical therapist Heidi are good coaches!

Super Skinner Kevin heading back to his room. A couple of days ago he weighed in at 187 but because he has so little muscle he looks smaller than that. We had a nice, long visit with Michael his nurse practitioner. (who's in the back of the picture)
When Kevin got back from his walk they moved a new "air bed" into his room. This bed continually circulates air and helps prevent against bed soars and pain. Once he got settled into his new bed his nurse Karen brought him a vanilla ice cream so that I could make him an ovaltine malt (his favorite treat) it was so good he had two!

Then Denah (Spiritual & Psychological pain) and Bonnie (part of the "pain team") came to check on Kevin's mental and spiritual well being. Adding a fun twist to Denah's job we were the ones who spiritually uplifted her!

Dale & I were able to have a nice visit with our good friends Dennis and Marie this afternoon. Dennis had another lung test yesterday and will find out the results tomorrow. We are praying that the results are positive and the doctors will be able to come up with an effective treatment plan for him.
We met Dr. Sayre, who is the on call doc this week but Dr. Wolf and Martin are his main doctors still and are keeping a close eye on his numbers. His Kidney function is normal which is great news and so he has finally been taken off of the renal (no salt) diet, which he is thrilled about. He is only eating small amounts but he has been keeping it down.
So all in all it's been a very good day. The nurses say is because we are back and I have to say I agree with them ;-)

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  1. Thank you for the uplifting post. We pray everyday for all of you to have these good moments. Love to each of you.

    Kim, Nick and girls