Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Years to Now

New Years

Hillary went out with friends while...

Kevin put together the traditional new Years eve puzzle and it looks like him too!
Cari, Logan, and Maycee came for a visit on New Years day

After church on Sunday Doyle, Helen, and John came by too.

Monday afternoon Hillary drove Kevin and Dale to the Residence Inn in South San Fransisco (our new and lovely home away from home) This was the 1st time Kevin has been up in the car and not the back of an ambulance. He really enjoyed seeing things from our point of view. Monday morning started for us at 5am and went something like this...
Breakfast at the hotel, scarf.

8am Electrocardiogram at the hospital. An ultrasound of his heart which you can see on the screen

Then across the street to Dr. Wolf's clinic were everyone gets to wear these stylish masks.

 Meet with Adam (a Fellow from Poland) and the Wolf man

We had a nice meeting with Tiffany, the social worker for the transplant unit, who's adorable and helpful too
He got to put his favorite uniform back on for a pulmonary function screen.
Then a chest-xray/bone survey (where Kevin earned the patient of the day award) and then raced down the street to get an EKG.

All done FINALLY!!!! Exhausted but Happy to be done, now all that's left is the ride back home.

We stopped for dinner at Olive Garden and Kevin was excited to go to a  restaurant again.
We had a nice and slightly fast drive home (this is why Hillary drives).  Kevin crashed when we got home and slept A LOT after such a big day.

After sleeping in and probably a nap in the afternoon Al & Kathy came by to catch up.


  1. So glad the ultrasound didn't tell him he was pregnant...that would open a whole other can of worms!! :)

  2. Hillary you and the girls are beautiful! Great to see Kevin out and about stirring up trouble. We love Olive Garden.

  3. Loved those photos of all the Paso people. I miss 'em. Have not forgotten you. Love, Norma