Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Plan for the Near Future

Today we met with Dr. Wolf and our "transplant coordinator" Lisa. Even though Kevin's cancer is considered "CR" which means complete remission they still want him to get more chemo before the stem cell harvest. Because of his cancer's aggressive nature & the fact that it could come back at any time they want to make sure they do everything they can to keep it away as long as possible.

We are scheduled to go back to Dr. Wolf's clinic January 21 for a major dose of Cytoxan. He's been getting 300mg, this will be more like 4000mg in one dose. After a few days (possibly a week) his blood counts will come back up and they will harvest his stem cells. They want a lot of them so they can do two "re-plants" in the next few months and one more which he hopefully won't need for ten or so years down the road. Each re-plant takes about a months time and then they are planning for two cycles of post re-plant PACe, which will also be about a month each.  We still have many months ahead of us but we are already months ahead of schedule thanks to our many blessing and miracles which have come about through your continued faith and prayers. Thank you all for sharing in this journey with us it certainly has been an adventure!


  1. xoxoxo's from us!!! Robin

  2. Such great reports to hear Kevin!! Our prayers and thoughts have been with you and your family daily for the last while. May this year bring the continued blessings of more miracles and good health. Much love to you and all your family, Butch Pogue