Thursday, January 7, 2010


Today we had a check-up with Dr. Bonis who confirmed that the plan is for Kevin to go back to UCSF Monday or Tuesday to start his PACe treatment. He will receive 4 days of heavy duty chemo that will kill his immune system and take his long wavy locks. Then he will come back home with us to recoup for 3 or more weeks. During this time he will be on strict house arrest and not be able to have any visitors because he will be extremely susceptible to infection. Then he did a surprise bone marrow biopsy, we should find out the results next week while at UCSF. They just want to determine his starting off point before they start the next phase of treatment.

The doctors are planning to treat him with PACe twice before taking out his stem cells just to make sure they get as much of the cancer as possible.  He has made such great progress that everyone is extremely pleased. This is the beginning of another long haul back and forth between home and San Fransisco but we are excited to start the process!

Then the whole family had lunch at their favorite Mexican restaurant LoLo's. It was nice to see Destiny again (one of our favorite waitresses) but we missed Annette. It tasted fabulous and was just what the doctor ordered.

Kevin, Candice, Darrell, Dale & Destiny

After relaxing at home for the afternoon Kevin had a visit from his good friend Jay. They enjoyed catching up and laughing about old times. Unfortunately Hillary dropped the ball and forgot to get  a picture, sorry Jay.

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