Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things Are Looking Up

A brief update. Kevin will be at UCSF for at least the next five days. while there he will go through the plasma exchange process each day for two to three hours at a time. This is the process that will clean his blood and get him in much better shape. Sometime in the next couple of days he will also be starting chemo treatments. Cousin Josh is there now, he flew out yesterday as soon as he had heard about what's been going on and he has been able to help out Dale and Hillary. We thank him for that.

Again, he is already doing better and we are expecting him to improve significantly over the next few days. We should see a marked improvement even by tomorrow morning. It seems that what Judy Centers has predicted is at the moment correct in that all the craziness that has happened these last couple of days has only served to get things going sooner rather than later while giving us all a few grey hairs in the process. His oncologist up there is Michael Burgess and his cancer type has been determined to be IgM Myeloma.
IgM Myeloma is apparently very rare, only about 0.5% of all multiple myeloma cases. Of course that's the one that Kevin would get.

Hillary will be coming home in the next couple of days to pick up a few more things and when she does that she will bring with her all the photos she has taken and we will be sharing those as they come in along with any new developments.


  1. That is one of Pat's hospitals and he was wondering who your oncologist is there. He might know him. Is it the Dr. you mentioned in this post?

  2. Darrell any word of setting up a fund so that those of us who want can help your family?
    So glad that Kevin is doing better, we continue to pray for all of you!

  3. His oncologist there is Michael Brugess and if you would like to help with funds than I believe you can contact Barbara Hogeland at 805 610 0764. She should be able to answer any related questions as well. I don't know anything about it or how it works.