Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's Back (ish)

Dana turned out to be Kevin's last nurse at UCSF.  The fact that we were being shipped back to Twin Cities Community Hospital came as a shock to Dale & Hillary and Dana made sure they were taken care of and had all the information they needed.

At about 8:35pm the EMT's showed up and got him ready to go.  Kevin is saying Hallelujah in this picture. Soon after it was taken they strapped him down!

As the Ambulance headed out Dale & Hillary stopped for a quick goodbye to their home these last 10 days. They took excellent care of Kevin here and we are eternally grateful for their service but they were happy to put UCSF behind them and head back closer to home.
That's before they found out it was over 100 degrees at home!
San Fransisco we miss you...

Here Kevin is summing up his past 2 weeks to Jessie his night nurse at Twin Cities.


  1. Wow, I miss a couple of days and the whole picture as changed. Welcome back to Paso Robles Richards Family!

    We are so glad that Kevin continues to improve. Cameron is sitting on my lap enjoying the pictures. When he saw the heading on the blog he said "There's Bishop Richards before he got sick!"

    We are looking forward to the day Cameron and Carolyn can have another water fight with Bishop Richards.

    Get well soon! These hospital pictures sure are bringing back the memories. I remember when Kevin came to visit me at Twin Cities. Thanks for all you help and support to me and my family when I was the one in the hospital.

  2. Remembering you and your family in our prayers always. We love you guys.