Friday, September 18, 2009

Fund Racing, Or Something Like That

This is largely copy and pasted from an email I received from Barbara Hogeland on the current options for generating funds for Kevin:

There are three ways you can donate to Kevin and his family.

1 -- participate in a fundraiser. Our first one is Car Wash tickets at the 21st Street Carwash. The ticket is $20.00 and will expire March 31, 2010. $5.00 of the purchase price goes to Kevin. Ticket sales are available until October 4, 2009. You can contact anyone of the following individuals.
    Sherri Goforth
    Mike & Tani Blackwell
    Matt & Margret Purkiss
    Debbi & Scott Stevenson
    Mike Dinsmoor
    Randy & Jamie Jorgenson
    Rod & Diana Blackner
    Ron & Barbara Hogeland

We will be holding a yard sale / rummage sale October 17 your donations will be much appreciated. Also we have bbq's and mexican dinners and a high ticket event with silent auction,etc in the planning stages. If you think you can assist in executing an event or have an idea for one and have the time to help or organize it please let one of us know.

2--Cash donations can be given to one of us and we will put it into the family's hands. PLEASE NO CHECKS to the family. They are qualifying for Medi-Cal assistance and we don't want to take any chances that it would be denied. Cash only or gas cards or pre-paid visa cards.

3--THE FIRM FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization that the Richards can use. This method of donating can become a tax deduction claim it can also be as anonymous as you would like. You can send your checks of any $$ amount to
    c/o Terry Lyn Fisher
    PO Box 10474
    Santa Ana, CA 92711
Make a note on the check that it is for Kevin Richards.
Terry Lyn is a long time friend of the Richards' family. She will make the deposits into the account and do the little bit of bookkeeping that is required. The Foundation is administered by volunteers totally. It was established in 1985 and has helped many families who have found themselves in need. 100% of monies donated to this fund will be available for the family's needs.

I hope this gives you some ideas of how you can be involved in relieving the burdens of his health care at this time.

So there you have it. These are the options currently available to those who would like to contribute and we'll do our best to notify of any new and upcoming fundraisers in the future. I will also repeat that if you have any questions regarding these fundraisers or have suggestions for others, than you may contact any of those people listed above. You may also send us an email through the address listed on the right sidebar and the information for the Firm Foundation will be kept on the right sidebar as well.

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